Green screens and quarantines can make a comedy song to remember. Roughly a decade ago, Sara Jade and her husband, Tumbleweed, co-wrote a rock comedy song about Movember called “Lip Service” (aka Mustache Ride). Over the years they would dust off the cobwebs each November to play it at a campfire with friends and chuckle as their friends emphatically suggested that they make a music video.

Then 2020 came… No campfire with friends, just their walls, a green screen and a sweet quarantine mustache. “This is the year,” thought Sara and Tumbleweed. Setting to work in August of 2020, they transformed their tiny home office into a rudimentary music studio and their living room into a green screen video set. Completing the video in October, they decided to share it on YouTube to spread laughter and inspire charity.

In honor of the song’s inspiration, Sara Jade joined the Movember Charity in 2020 and continues to use the music video to raise money and awareness for prostate cancer research and mental health outreach. So enjoy good laugh, and, if you are able, head over to her MO Space to donate and help change the face of men’s health!

Instead of putting your dollar in the swear jar, head over to Sara Jade’s MO Space to donate to a great cause!