npr tiny desk contest entry 2020

Sara Jade is an official entrant of NPR’s Tiny Desk Contest 2020. Her video submission features her song “Wait Destiny”. Due to the quarantine, the band members had to work together virtually to record the song and produce the video in time for the April 27th deadline.

“The song is a result of many emails, phone calls, Zoom meetings, and pure dedication,” said Ms. Jade, “I am so proud of it because it shows that we can still come together even when circumstance separates us. I originally wrote the song when I was feeling isolated and doing a lot of soul searching, so in a way the creation of the piece truly fits.”

Originally composed in 2011 while studying abroad in Madrid, Spain, Sara Jade recalls the moment when the song came “walking into [her] head”.

“I realized in Spain that I wanted to pursue songwriting as a career, but I wasn’t ready yet. I felt like I had to have ‘Plan B’ set up so I could have some sort of cushion to fall back on if ‘Plan A’ (music) didn’t work out. But I was also so disappointed by that thought because I felt a sense of urgency and feared that I would miss out on my opportunity if I didn’t go for it immediately. That’s when I noticed a guy pass me on the street wearing a ‘Walt Disney’ t-shirt, but I was so lost in thought that I read it as ‘Wait Destiny’ and the song was born.”

Rich lyrical imagery inspired the video that transports viewers from a cubicle farm to the stars beyond. However, Sara Jade hopes that the addition of a funky keytar patch and notable sax solo will invite listeners to go “hitchhiking all across that galaxy” even without a visual aid. Get ready for a ride!